What's going on.

Some quick updates, because I'm being watched [you know who you are].

Head's better -- heart should feel as good. Trying to stay hydrated, and keep busy. Went out yesterday, hit Justin's -- we watched "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and "The A-Team," but more importantly we found a font for the comic [Re: Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name] from the resources that Sam dug up for us. It looks really good, almost like it was put right on the page with sharpie marker, giving it just that mix of indie-ness and legibility the project needs. I'm very pleased.

Talked with Kyle today about the short [Re: Untitled Short]. He had a few suggestions, and I threw a few ideas by him. Really helpful for both of us, though I think I may have inadvertently made more work for myself in the process. May discuss this at greater length here later. Currently, just a possible scripting problem. Probably better I caught it now.

Have near twenty pages on the short, and more importantly, a beginning I can live with. Course, it's almost all on legal pad. The rest should come easily. Can't imagine it'll crack 40 pages, but anything could happen.

Kyle also asked if, on the next project, I'd be willing to co-direct. My interest in the technical side of film making is just south of 0 percent. Always felt more comfortable at the keyboard -- storytelling is what interests me, and there aren't nearly as many people to offend this way. Least not in person. Had the option to get behind the camera at Bennington, really didn't appeal to me. That being said, I'll try anything once, and if the opportunity arises I'll do what I can.

Something like that would probably get me into a film school. And while I don't know Kyle that well yet, he seems to have pretty sound judgement, and he doesn't think something like this will be a disaster, so... I am at least partially inclined to consider it.

Ah, way too far in advance. Gotta crank this one out. And Glen's work on his comic is giving me the comic book itch too, which is funny, because I have a comic book being worked on right now, but dammit, I got a few other ideas. Writing another one is the only thing I'm sure about.

Plus, I keep talking about that pilot [Re: Sweet Home].

Dedicating tomorrow to someone I don't know and never met, but I think I love. And no, I really don't want to talk about it.


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