Measure for measure.

Eye's improved a great deal. Throbbing is almost gone. Minor swelling.

Heard from Anna. A phone call before she got on the bus. We talked about a things... she thinks I should take the GRE.

Went for a walk today, wound up out for hours. Went far off my usual path, wound up walking through people's driveways, backwards -- didn't jump any fences, but got into a few. Head swam, and I was hot, but I dressed warm, like always. Kept expecting to get stopped, someone stick their head out there back door "Hey, hey you. Don't walk through here again. Get lost. You don't belong." Yes. But it was Sunday, and everyone was away, places to be -- Church, and Sunday brunch.

Found a lilac bush -- surprised, had been thinking about the ones back at school lately. This one was big, but sickly, the cold has already come, and it was dying. I tried to take one of the healthier flowers, but it didn't come off easily -- wasn't it supposed to? -- like a begrudging gift. And then when I had it, what did I want it for? I stood there with it, looking, thinking, and then I dropped it in the dirt. What else?

Nothing. That's all there was. Today.

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