Here's November.

I'm awake, which means there's no reason I can't post something.

I was waiting for this month. Re: Polaris.

Went out tonight. Odd for me, but it was nice to be among friends. Mostly just schmoozed with people -- Kyle, Justin were both there, but this was not the time for work. Some thought so, but not me. Also Ally, Hillary, Seth, Ian, Mike, Glen, Dave, and Carrie. I might be forgetting someone, and there were a couple of girls I've never met too... a Liz for sure... the others will come to me. No offense meant.

I'm not a Halloween guy. The highlights of this holiday usually goes no farther than a sexy Ben Franklin or a pretty girl dressed like some obscure 90's movie character. Good to have something to do, though.

It's odd feeling like this. It was fun, but I'm still not exactly happy. High? Maybe that's a better word. What is wrong with me? Not upset about it. Any good is good.

Condolences to a friend who lost someone very close to him and his family recently. And condolences to someone else for the same thing, sans the 'recently,' but no less sincere. I miss him, and I didn't even know him.

Love, to the faithfully departed.

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