Mine cart carnage.

Slept until 5 today. If it wasn't Sunday, would have been deeply bothered by that.

Dreamt this morning about Ms. Kloth. She apologized, then said it looked like I'd lost a lot of weight. Road a bicycle, with a black lace hood over her head. Was carrying pizzas, probably for her class. The rest of the dream was spent running around the island in the rain, and getting kicked out of stores for not buying anything.

More buildings today. http://justincornell.blogspot.com/2008/10/still-more-buildings.html. Interests me to see this... just the smallest part of a greater work, yet I kind of like seeing it at this basic level. This is only a piece... a single gear, the actual background. Justin's really cranking them out [Re: Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name]. Excited to see the new stuff everyday.

Very little to talk about. Didn't write any today. Blog starts to become useless, if there's no creative process to chronicle. Still hung up on this letter-writing thing [Re: Untitled Short]. Overwhelmed with the urge to give it the happiest, Hollywood-ending. I must be out of my mind.

Here's a funny conundrum -- man gets angry because no one is there when things are bad. Yet man insists on hiding from everyone just how terrible he feels. Can anyone really be faulted for paying no mind to the man behind the curtain? Maybe I can work it into the short.


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