Doucebaggery [on my part].

Okay, so I'm still a bit new to this blogging thing, and a couple of days ago, I name-checked and linked the blog of a Huntington-based photographer that a friend of mine turned me on to. The reason I posted this was mainly because I am a fan of the guy's work [when he posts, which is apparently less these days], and because I wanted to remember to post the blog address in my google reader/blogspot dashboard to catch later.

Now, being painfully new at this, just about every time I've added a blog to follow to this account, I've forgotten and chosen to follow it it publicly. As I still consider my blog to be semi-private and semi-launched, and since I've no intention of trading myself off the successful reputation of others [at least until then... hah], I'm writing this up as a mistake on my part. For the few who found me after this screw-up, hi there, how are you doing, trust me, I know how stripped down and sub-par this place is right now.

I also realize that there's probably a great laugh to be had about how I post here. The honest fact is that I do follow the one great conceit of blogging, in so much as I write as though someone is actually reading this. I wish there was some way to break myself of this habit, but at this point, it almost feels like a necessity to this genre of writing. I apologize if you saw my profile "publicly following" another blog you think highly of and came here for more of the same, and assure you my ego is not so big as to believe anyone is actually out there reading this.

Well, except for right now. Funny that.

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