Call a doctor.


Felt sick all day, sore and tired. First cold day of fall, a nice 57 degrees. Would have liked to take a walk.

Talked to Kyle on Facebook. Seemed perturbed. Likely from the papers he was writing. Ran my idea for the letter-writing short, he responded favorably [Re: Untitled Short]. Feel behind already. Odd for me to have a plot before I have characters. Need supporting cast... round up usual suspects. A friend, an ex, and a pretty new girl.

Kaley brought this to my attention today -->

Couldn't let it rest. Tried to play it off with a joke, no good. Spent the night on dial-up, downloading Supremely Gratifying [Re: SG] free pornography, and scuttling around the darker political corners of the internet. Found this on Facebook: , then this elsewhere: ... difficult to gauge. DU is full of crazies, but there are a few levelheaded Dems in the bunch.

Found no extra information -- gleaned those links from Google search of "Ana Dubey"in first 5-15 minutes, did no better. Everything else was just confirming other confirmations. Hours, reminds me of why I opted to do fiction over journalism. There are rumblings of NBC looking into this -- right now, only covered on sites ruled by the crackpots, or sites where the legitimate and the crackpots are allowed to mingle. Be nice to find the story at someplace with a more stringent man at the door.

Maybe the fact that they haven't means I'm wasting my time.

Feelings on the Old Man aside, apprehensive of this story. Seems too sensational, too little is available about it. May yet be earlier in the cycle...could all be cleared up tomorrow. Still, story turns my stomach... have spoken well of McCain in the past, no easy feat, feel his character should reflect that. And I expect the undecided and the Republicans to be fair to Barack -- not believe every outlandish e-mail about Muslims and flag burning they read. But the chance of real vilification for the Old Man? Won't lie... tantalizing. Glorious bastard, steps from the presidency. Hunter would say a reason to throw a trash can full of rats right on the White House lawn.

If he wins. Which I still doubt, whether this story is true or not. Can't help it though. Compelled to keep looking. Feelings say this will be like the cold today. All blow over.

Dreamt last night I was showing Anna tornadoes. Then she turned and asked me how I was feeling. I miss that.

Hannah had a headache, but still stopped to say hello on AIM. John and I almost got into a fight, because I didn't think before I spoke. It seems like so much I say to the few people I talk to is so rehearsed, when I get relaxed, I sometimes throw out words that are more loaded than I realize. Hurt feelings by accident. Reconnected, at least momentarily with Justin Teter from Middle School. [If we hang out, I wonder if he'll still let me call him 'Teter'?] Also heard from Kristen Hale, who I never knew her name, but always saw at Taylor books. Apparently, she's with some guy named Bo... I'm sure he's a nice guy, but I've never met a Bo who couldn't dole out an "ass whuppin'", so I guess I'm glad I never flirted.

Ego boost, knowing someone who's only talked to you sparingly would think to look you up on the internet, though.

Justin sent me a short layout for the town [Re: Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name]. It's looking good, and he even fixed a planning snafu in the script that I didn't realize we had. My mistake. Forgot what it was like having someone who can work out a problem when you're not around. If he puts it up on his blog, I will link it tomorrow.


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