And so it begins.

Well, we're off and running -- Justin has started work on PAGE 1 [Re: Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name], and already he's got plans to do some pretty revolutionary things with the project. I think it's safe to say that there has yet to be a comic book produced under the conditions and with some of the tools he's decided on, and I really feel some new ground is going to be broken with this book. For a sneak peek of what's been done thus far, check out his blog here. Updates will not be as frequent on his side now that he's starting the long haul, but I'll do my best to discuss the progress to the best of my knowledge.

Talked to Casey yesterday, caught up with him and just generally covered the projects we were both working on. I told him about my writers block [well, that's misleading... I'm writing a lot, just none of it's any good] on the short [Re: Untitled Short], and unprompted, the man came to the same conclusion I posted here previously -- that I have to personalize this project to make it work. Casey's a smart guy, a good friend, and will wind up entertaining us all on TV and in movies before it's over. I can only hope I get to meet him there one day.

Who knows? Maybe not. For now my audiences are smaller, but no less important.

Speaking of audiences, something over on Facebook wiped out some of my privacy preferences, and "unlocked" my blog to the masses. Which means if it showed up on the feed, if you were looking at my profile, well you likely found my little blog here. Admittedly, if I wanted to keep that from happening, I should have just not posted it there in the first place, privacy locked or otherwise, so shame on me. The cat's out of the bag now, and since I went and told John about it too, I guess my soft open is a little more public now. Which is fine, it wasn't exactly the best kept secret ever -- I never intended it to be -- and I only ask, with Shakespearean humility, that if anyone is reading, they are not so quick to judge, as even I haven't entirely decided what this space should be.

I also now have access to high speed DSL. Though I've no idea how, I feel like this influx of information is likely to change some things.

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