Taken down last night with a minor migraine. Still feeling the nausea, but I got in bed quickly enough to avoid the worst of the headache. Mostly. Going to call it an early night tonight.

Got the fonts from Sam last night before all that [Re: Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name]. Take note people: This is how you get in the "special thanks" section.

Lot of work was done on the short last night [Re: Untitled Short]. Finally got a beginning I like, and I just need to transcribe the better part of it onto the computer. Legal pad, pen to paper... like the hand of god, sometimes. Satellite between the head and page. Changed a lot from the other versions I had, but its also a lot closer to what I was planning in the first place. Strange how that works. Was looking at my outline, the pages I have done... thinking I'm going to change some of the middle narrative -- particularly as it concerns the female protagonist.

Talked to Kyle. He already has a few other ideas. Something big he wants to work on. I'm just trying to focus on the short for the time being, though.

Anna called this morning, it was really nice to hear from her.

My head still hurts pretty bad. Hoping all I need is more sleep. Hurts to have to tank a day like this just because I'm feeling crappy, but this headache has made even typing this hard.


P.S. You want to talk about someone getting some work done? Go check out my friend Glen's blog at Albino Raven. He's starting to put up characters from his upcoming comic work, and they loo
k outstanding.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your headache and thanks for the endorsement.

    I think Ally has already asked you, but you should come with us to Huntington on Friday and you can talk to Kyle in person (as well as everyone else from Brainwrap)

  2. These migraines seem to barrage you frequently, my friend. We've got to take care of you.