The P.S.D.

Can't seem to decide what I want to post about. Something on my mind, just keeps coming out wrong. And multiple edits aren't getting the job done.

Spent the evening uploading album artwork to my iTunes account. Strangely fulfilling, in a way. Cleared the air with a friend - thought I'd screwed up pretty badly [my judgment lately has just been garbage], and was worried about it. It was a relief, even if it was just a "ten pounds off of a ton" sort of relief.

Justin's got a new post over on his blog [Re: Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name]. New sketches can be found here, and he's shown me the newest page, and it looks absolutely outstanding. There's a huge reveal in this part of the story, and he's handled it very well, even making a few adjustments to properly convey the scope of said realizations. And don't forget about the M.R.C.R.W. either.

No sleep tonight. Maybe later today.

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