Nova - Third Draft

This is weird for me. Not the multiple draft thing, but the actually feeling like they should be posted.

Nova - The Newest Version [Link removed -- sorry, if you'd like to see "Nova" email me at]

Basically shaved about a page and half off of this. Changed the TV scene completely [I think it's better]. I feel like some parts are still stronger than others, and I worry that I lost good dialogue by making the changes I did from draft #2 to #3. Didn't change the ending, because I couldn't think of anything better, and have not been ridiculed for it yet. Still a little long too. These are my gripes, but I honestly can't look at the piece objectively enough right now to know if I'm being paranoid or not.

I look at this as more of a polish than a "new draft," and if anyone needs "Nova" to give me notes, or to show this to someone, then this is draft to use. I'm leaving the one from the previous post up until it expires however -- if people want to compare, rad [I am a little worried about some of the dialogue tweaks], but it's not necessary .

I remain exceptionally proud of one or two scenes in this -- also weird for me.

I really want to use this a writing sample, I think. It's quirky, and that can always help get some attention. But Kyle has mentioned once or twice about wanting to make it, and that would be cool too.


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