Promised an update, only two days late...

Exhausted and in a foul mood. My night was highlighted by a several hours long battle against the hard water stains in my toilet bowl. Hours of scrubbing and some fancy screwdriver work yielded results, but my fingers are now so stiff that typing is a chore.

Have a couple of ideas in mind for future posts, even something I'd like to talk about that [loosely] has to do with the origins of this blog. Hopefully, I'll get to it, and if I don't, I hope it's because something useful is taking my attention.

The reunion went relatively smoothly. There were a few complications, but nothing worth getting into here. Met a couple of..."cousins" I guess, who even bothered to seek me out on the internet despite my boring them with tales of art school during dinner. New friends are always good.

More soon, I hope.

Also, Happy Birthday Julia.

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