Tomorrow's the family reunion on my dad's side -- a refresher course of condolences from people I don't really know, and possibly a lot of tears from the few I do. I don't think I'd dread it so much if it weren't for the fact that it feels too soon after, but then again, had it been six month or a year since, I'd probably be complaining about re-opening old wounds. There will also be people there that I am only tangentially related to, through marriage or the like, who'll have no idea and won't bring it up, or ask about it. And that thought amuses me tonight, for some reason.

I'll also have "Song Summoner" on the iPod, and the food will probably be okay. Small favors.

Today was busy, for the wrong reasons. My photographer called off again [Re: The Familiar], which... was actually something of a blessing, because my grandmother was freaking out about getting ready for the reunion today. So I did a lot of that. Justin and Staci also had to stop by for newspapers [she's having complications moving, it sounds like], and then Aaron [Re: kid brother] and I went out to the mall to... well, not really do anything, but get coffee, watch youtube videos on his phone, and argue if whether or not the professional candy stripers were indeed putting together a giant palm tree made out of balloons in the center court.

I also saw a girl with a mohawk and checkered knee pads. I'd have said hello, but she had a boyfriend with her, and would have probably headbutted me for my trouble.

The photographer cancelling on me is... troubling. I still think they're dependable, but with the exception of going out with Justin and Staci, I had a pretty tight schedule this week and the cancellation threw me. Plans changing are one of those things I should handle learn to handle better, and keeps popping up in my self-improvement initiatives. Which, don't actually exist, but if they did, it would.

Probably write tomorrow.

P.S. Slipped my mind to mention this, but while out earlier in the week with Justin, he showed me the most recent finished pages for "Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name." Very pleased with how it's coming along, and with the movement that Justin has managed to convey from panel to panel, particularly in the action scenes. He's about half way, and it's looking great. Finished product is going to be outstanding.

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