"Nova" - Finished Draft

Spent most of the night after 2:00 a.m. working on "Nova." Hilariously, I see that four more people downloaded the original draft. If you have thoughts, suggestions, or notes, please send me an e-mail. And if you liked it, definitely download this next thing.

"Nova" Finished Draft[Link removed -- sorry, if you'd like to see "Nova" email me at mojo.wire.productions@gmail.com].

The old link, originally posted here, is dead now. ADrive only lets me share so many files publicly, and anyway, there's no reason to live in the past.

Lot of things about this draft are going to need... tweaked. As usual, I use way too many beats, some of which are totally unnecessary. I was seriously dropping them in every eight lines or so, so in the next draft, those are going to have to go. I also worry about the newscast -- some heavy homage going on there, and I could probably streamline it a bit more. Page count, right now, is 33. I was hoping for a little under 25 for this "short." Some cutting is going to have to be done. But right now, this is everything, every conversation, every bit of rapport, and every awkward moment.

And not being arrogant at all, there is one scene in this I am just absolutely proud of. While writing it, it just felt special, and I'm very pleased. I expect everyone to hate it, now, of course.

Not wild about my ending. I like the visual, but there's something off. Won't say what. Don't want it to color anyone's perception. Maybe it's just me.

Anyone who reads it, please let me know what you think. Either by phone, or via email at mojo.wire.productions@gmail.com.

In other news, a dear friend of mine recently finished up his graduate program. He's a really talented guy, and he really deserves how well he's done. I can't say enough about what an excellent friend he's always been to me, and I couldn't be more proud of him right now.

Other things. My photographer seems to be lined up for next weekend [Re: The Familiar]. Should be a lot of fun, and really productive; I just need to get everything in order so she can do her thing unimpeded by any annoying eventualities. I really expect this to be a great experience -- I'll cover it at length here, once it's actually happened. Meeting with her is tentatively planned before the big day. Should also know more then.

Speaking of "The Familiar," Kyle said he'd take a look at it too. It's sort of shame it's still in the same shape it was in way back when I had everyone read it the first time. I have all these notes and ideas, and just haven't had the time or inclination to give it the attention it deserves. So many changes. Taking these pictures might light a fire under me, but there are really other things I should be putting my time to right now. I'm unfocused.

I really just picture it in my head as this great big vanity project. Just dump a lot of money into this silly little vampire flick and get the Gin Blossoms or Kaki King to do the soundtrack for it, and have all these sets built of places I grew up around. Really is the worst kind of film making, in a way. Don't care. As much as I hated it when it started out, there's something in it, something personal, something I want to say. And if I make it, I'll get to. As if I needed more motivation at this point.

Birthday looms this month on the 21st. I tend to eye the day as an ominous one; bad luck and my birthday have always went hand in hand, if I'm honest about my superstitions. But this year, I think, what's else can I be hit with? I don't think there's any annoyance or disappointment that can top how fucked my 23rd year on this planet has been. I'd almost be looking forward to it, if there was anything to look forward to.

Almost did 20 pages tonight. Exhausted, but... too late to crash now. Too early?


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