Insomniac's Solidarity

Short update.

Met with my photographer today [Re: The Familiar]. Very productive meeting, though she was feeling under the weather and we decided to push back this Friday's sessions to next week. Absolutely no harm in it -- important to take care of your people in these situations, and it also has given some time to look at the script. Might present some new possibilities.

Hopefully, if this works out, I'll have a personal photographer for my work on the project in November. Too early to say, but I have a good feeling.

Spent tonight going over "Nova" with John. He was immensely helpful [can't even put it into words], and I've done another draft. Not enough significant changes to post Draft 4 here -- but I'm really pleased with how it's turning out. Proud, and enjoying myself. Obsessing a little. Want something nice, wrapped up, and finished. Hard to explain why that's so important right now. Just this driving need I have.

Few more cuts to make. Hope other people who've read are up to giving me feedback. Would very much like to hear their thoughts as well.

With my photographer's rescheduling, the weekend's free -- birthday waiting there on Sunday. Not sure how I feel about that. Hopefully something will come up.

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  1. My pleasure to be of service on Nova. You really have something there. I could follow those characters for a long time.

  2. Praise from Caesar. Means a lot, that.