Untitled no more.

Well, that's not entirely true. But as of last night, I've decided the interim title for the short I've been working on with Kyle [Re: Untitled Short] is going to be "The Trendsetter." Now it's entirely likely he may want something else, and all told I've considered calling it "Typesetter" instead [what with it being about letters and all], but for the moment, Trendsetter it is.

My hope is to put my head down and muscle through this project until the finish. I watched "Rocky 3" last night, which like most of the Rocky films will get anyone excited about writing again, and I'm hoping to channel my inner eye of the tiger, and ride that momentum to a finished draft.


P.S. Future reference for both myself and anyone who cares, until finished, any notes on "The Trendsetter" will be tagged as both "Trendsetter" and "Untitled Short." And probably whatever new, more fitting title the piece winds up with.

P.S.S. The reason for two [technically three] notes posted so close together is just because I've decided notes about things I've been working on don't deserve to be weighed down with ramblings about my dreams and such. And now that we have the rule, I can't wait to break it.

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