Called it.

I was going to write something big and outlandish and probably very like me here earlier in the day. Instead I watched some TV, and spent my time thinking about what happened yesterday with the election. I don't even know where to begin on that, but... it's a very happy time, in some ways. It is regretful that Mitch McConnell hung on, however -- it would have been nice to deliver a real deathblow to the Republican party, and splinter them into tiny, unworkable special-interest minorities, so the "God and Guns" folk aren't teaming with the "Tax the Poor" folk every single year.

Wishful thinking. But now is time for "unity"... which is actually not a bad thing right now. Long-term, I don't even want to think about. Well, maybe later.

I am incredibly tired -- during my migraine a couple of days ago my sinus problems embedded themselves and got infected. I'm coming out of it, but not quickly enough. Added to the election dysentery and general stress that comes from all that, as well as all the sleep I've been losing, I feel physically worse than I have in awhile. My joints hurt. This is just ridiculous.

I've seen my dad a few times the past couple of days. Noticeable knot on the back of his head, he can't wear his teeth [which would look rough under any circumstances], and his eye looks terrible. He's also got a broken neck. I don't even have words for how upsetting to me it is to look at him like that.

He seems in good spirits. Maybe a little stir crazy. Better for him to take it easy, but with his wife, I don't blame him for looking for reasons to get out of the house.


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  1. Thanks for the condolences and sorry to hear about your dad, Jesus.

    On the upside I have an upper respiratory infection that can be friends with your sinus infection. I started wondering why my cold hadn't gotten any better after two weeks. My doctor commended me for waiting so long, I think he was tired of people wasting his time instead of turning to a bottle of Tussin.