Halloween night, some drunken punk jumped my dad while he was at a friend's house -- he went to the hospital today, and I spent the majority of my day worrying and trying to calm my grandmother down. My dad's fine, "fine" being relative, and meaning he came away with only a few minor fractures, and a black eye. We're still piecing together what exactly happened, as dad hasn't been able to recall the whole thing, but the long story short is there's some twenty five year old piece of shit out there walking around right now who gets a nice laugh at beating up people twice his age for no good reason at all.

So, my evening's been nice... on the upside, things seem to have calmed down, grandma is getting some sleep, Dad's getting some painkillers, and I've gotten a whole extra hour in my night to deal with my pent-up, rolling panic attacks.

I'm taking today off. What that means when I don't really do anything anyway, I've no idea. But I'll figure something out.


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  1. Did he get a good look at him? Should we go troll for anyone who's 6'1", blond and dressed like Captain Morgan, and beat on anyone who fits the stereotype just to cover our bases?