What I have to be thankful for.

Dehydrated all day. Faced with seemingly endless pots of coffee where ever I went, a blessing most days, but today was not a good day for it. Did manage to keep me lucid. Last night/this morning was like yesterday. Dozed off around 7, got up around 11. Four hours ain't, bad, I guess.

Ally and Hillary sent me texts. It was sweet of them, and thank you if you're reading. Otherwise, didn't feel much like a holiday. Didn't talk to dad, didn't hear from mom, Doug and Aaron are camping/hunting this week. Hit a local restaurant with my grandmother and her friend, was the youngest person there not on the waitstaff. I'm guilty too, didn't reach out to anyone. Justin invited me to his house, but couldn't leave my grandma alone today.

Guess that's one thing. Haven't been tossed aside by grandma.

Thought of someone all day. Made me laugh, having her in my life wouldn't have changed anything today. Don't know why I fixated. Some holidays are just for family, and I don't have much left. My choice, in a lot of cases, but still. And this is the way it's likely to be for... awhile? Am I starting a family any time soon? Not on purpose, that's for sure. I see why so many of my peers are getting married.

Well, at least I'm not doing that.

All of this, coupled with the fact that I haven't seen any action over on eBay, isn't painting a rosy picture for Christmas. I guess it's still early to judge. For everything.

I feel like garbage. Even the sinus infection seems to be creeping back. Head's pounding, joints ache. Nausea. Blew my nose, mostly blood. Ugh, gross as it sounds.

Stuffiness does bring a happy thought. Those Thanksgivings with Sam's family, I got three of them, and they were just nice, not playing anything up or down, they were just nice. Good food, Sam's mom was a great cook, her dad yelling about football in the living room, cartoons in her room on the bed. The smoke would cram up my head something awful, but I could still taste the food.

Also on either side of that meal there'd be comic books and John and Maria's.

Want to sleep, should be writing. Don't know if I can do either. Feel this desperate urge to make this all up to myself. No way to do it. Ah well.

Enjoy the leftovers, folks. I hope everyone else's was nice. This really isn't a bad idea for a day at all.

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  1. Even after reading your last post it didn't hit me that your Thanksgiving proper was still somewhat in the air, I would have told you to come here.

    Not that I would want you to leave your grandma or not enjoy a meal with Justin's family, but just to let you know that you would be welcome.