Too tired to name this.

Barely slept again last night, in the real "Doze off, did I just sleep? Staring at the ceiling for hours" insomniac sense. Starting to feel stretched a little thin.

Yesterday was interesting. Aaron got his driver's license, so we went to the mall, had a cup of coffee and a slice of pizza together. Got to hit the place in the food court with the sliced eggplant, which was nice. Just caught up, found out a lot I already knew [mom's pissed at me], and it was just a nice way to re-connect. Probably do it again.

Talked to Anna shortly on the phone. She's not feeling well either, and I hope she gets better. No idea why this stuff always hits around the holidays.

The test item I put on eBay didn't sell. Still got two days until the rest of the stuffs week is up.

Far beyond the point of usefulness now. Put some time in this morning scribbling away at some dialogue for "The Trendsetter," but I've yet to be able to find the steam to finish the monster off. Just too tired.

Could use some wind here [Re: "Tommy Boy"].

P.S. Oh, and not all bad news. My friend Glen just got a really cool sounding gig with a Brit. magazine. He can tell you all about it here, but I just wanted to offer him some congratulations here. These eclectic magazine jobs are the sort of things I always hoped for myself, and to see friends of mine get them is just absolutely spectacular.

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