Election Dysentary

I'm sick to my stomach in a way that can only be because of the election. I rolled out of bed, and my digestive pyrotechnics made me think of Hunter, but in all fairness, I was thinking about him the night before.

This is a great day. CNN is a rare love-fest that won't likely last the night, but it is rare. I'm not saying I support the Old Man, no, not in the least, and I'm projecting high and hard victory for that Young Barack Out Kid, but either way [and lets not get into that, because there is an either way there I could go on about for lines and lines], we are having an election today that will be memorable, historic, and important. Rarely do two candidates both have striking differences, but also hold reassuring policies as its concerned to socialism and the left leaning. It seems impossible, but there is a lot of possibility in the air today, in a time of year that is all about the coming of winter... naturalistic dying, really. But none of that today.

And to all those who say it doesn't matter, it does, and again, I am thinking of him, and I doubt anyone could say it better. So to you, the apathetic and cynic, the coolier-than-thou, most of whom would normally consider myself one of your own:

"Politics is the art of controlling your environment. That is one of the key things I learned in these years, and I learned it the hard way. Anybody who thinks that 'it doesn't matter who's President' has never been Drafted and sent off to fight and die in a vicious, stupid War on the other side of the World — or been beaten and gassed by Police for trespassing on public property — or been hounded by the IRS for purely political reasons — or locked up in the Cook County Jail with a broken nose and no phone access and twelve perverts wanting to stomp your ass in the shower. That is when it matters who is President or Governor or Police Chief. That is when you will wish you had voted."

It matters. Even today.

Tonight should be fun -- either joyous uproar and the deep want to have a certain communist girl I know to kiss, or crippling despair that will me make glad to be alone.

Shalom. [To be continued.]

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