These aren't the real bios!

Kyle recently asked for character bios [Re: Trendsetter], along with a litany of other [reasonable] movie-related things we need, like a synopsis, tag-lines, a treatment [which usually comes first, but this is a sort of special case], etc, and...oh, yes, 30 more pages so it can actually pass as a feature.

Bios were a strange request for me, because I've never done them in any capacity that they had to be seen. Usually they're just a series of notes and lists on legal pad which get stacked up after I've already put in work on the first draft. But in the case of making something presentable, I will totally admit to having zero clue. So, luckily, I was able to catch Elise Bischoff online tonight, and she hooked me up with a template I found pretty useful.

Now, bear with me, because these are not the final bios of the characters -- my feeling is the final bios will just be a series of headered paragraphs [sorry, John] with the information provided here in a more succinct and eye catching form. But since I promised I'd post something, and soon, I figured I could put up the work in progress, before posting the finals on the "Trendsetter" website in the next couple of days.

So here it is, in glorious .pdf format, the first draft on the character bios.

I'd also like to suggest, so Adobe doesn't crunch up all your cpu and keep you from doing anything else while reading this, that you consider downloading Foxit -- a smaller, faster .pdf viewer that goes a lot easier on your computer. I use it and prefer it, and it's totally free. This is as close to an endorsement you're going to get on this site. But it's useful, and a lot less of a headache than acrobat.

I'm going to try to get a little sleep today, but with any luck I'll also be taking the information in that, and making the much more economical character bios available soon. I'm a little embarrassed I need this middle step, but whatever gets the job done.

End on a somber note this time -- some bad news for a friend and teacher of mine -- Bucky has a write-up on his blog about George Tirado's recent death, and I send my condolences to him. It sounds like a rough end, to a rough life, but my real concern is for the poet-teacher who stuck his neck out for me, and who could easily claim credit for the existence of this blog, if there was any credit worth claiming. I know a little [very little] about losing someone you have difficult feelings about. I'm very sorry, man. My thoughts are with you.


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  1. Bios:

    Brandon: Sad sap. Needs an X-Box and a B.J., stat.

    Tess: The supportive but judgmental girl we've all been breaking up with our entire lives.

    Faye: Hot chick. Lots of sex. Is also actually quite awesome, and Brandon should ride into the sunset with her, but he's an idiot.

    Eddie: The asshole from the Quickstop, but he's getting married.

    Don't say I never helped.