I'm back.

I have returned, after still posting a little bit when I said I wouldn't. But I'm back now.

Spent the last couple of days doing notes on something for a friend. I just finished, and while I'd normally take another couple of days before I'd send anyone feedback, it's pretty much the only thing I've had my head in since posting my "Neeter" entry.

I should thank him for letting me do it. God knows I haven't been sleeping.

Spoke to Kyle day before yesterday on the phone. We had a good talk. I'm going to whip a synopsis up for him here shortly [Re: Trendsetter]. Communication is important, especially the first time you collaborate with someone. It is hard for me sometimes, because I do tend to get hunkered down into my own little sleepless world. But I'm excited about working on the movie. I hope I get to do a lot more for it before this is done.

Right now, I need to start thinking about the script again. I'll get to that, but not today. I am not quite beyond usefulness yet, but I'll be getting that way soon. If I can actually sleep tonight, I might be able to have it together by Wednesday. Sometimes I hate that I can't get it together better, but luckily, this works for where I am right now.


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