Marc Horowitz attached to the "Trendsetter"... wait, what?

In a landmark move that still hasn't entirely sunk in with me, Marc Horowitz is now attached to the "Trendsetter," likely in the prime-cut comedic role which appears at the beginning and end of the film [at least in it's current incarnation]. No need to shout out what it is folks -- if you read it, you know, and we're playing this pretty close to the chest right now.

This is big deal for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that Horowitz is the first google-able personality involved with the Trendsetter who's results won't turn up this blog, a Facebook page, or [it's not what you think]. Or "Crossings," I guess, but I'm actually sort of proud of my involvement in that. Instead, you'll find Horowitz's main site, his 24/7 talk show, and an article about him in ReadyMade magazine.

And though I don't know his work so well, Kyle loves the guy, and from my limited knowledge, it seems like he's an ex-art school student turned web-based comedian who's fans are more than willing to label as "too funny for MTV." Having him involved in any capacity can only serve to make the "Trendsetter" better, as well as get some interest in the project when we finally get it released.

Now, naturally, we're still in the infancy of "Trendsetter," and anything could change between actually finishing the script and when we start filming. But this has already come a lot farther than any other non-comic-based project I've worked on, and Kyle's shown to be incredibly dedicated to actually getting it done. It's all starting to feel very "real," which, not to get my own hopes up, is a pleasant change.

Cheers, folks. More later.

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