Hand me that chisel.

Three days since an update. Bad habits.

The new blogspot/profile picture comes from Justin [Re: Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name], via the awesome trading cards he did up for everyone on Christmas. I don't condone smoking, but I do condone brilliant pictures of me as my heroes. Thanks, man.

I plan on doing a big update on where/when/how the comic is coming along in the next couple of weeks. I just want time to have a sit-down with Justin, and see what he thinks, how he's feeling about things, and how he feels like he's recovering after the holidays. This remains a massive project, and my silence on it has little to do with it stalling or anything... just the general limbo of the holidays. Something this big takes time. But there's a nice new picture of one of the new panels -- and it's of one of our heroines... Tana Cash.

"Trendsetter" script is now in the heavy feedback process. I've gotten it out to as many people I can think of, sending it to some folks that I normally wouldn't even show my stuff too -- not out of privacy or snobbery, but just because I don't talk to them often. Nevertheless, for just taking a look, even if they haven't gotten back to me, I've got to thank them. And without a mausoleum to chisel their names on [ah, that joke seems both topical and obscure], I figured I could at least list them here, in no particular order:

Sam Roman
Casey Barnhart

John Wiswell
Ian Rogers
Julia Cooper
Lex Friedman

Dan Trigg
Savannah Dooley

Ally Melling
Glen Brogan
Zoe Chevat
Justin Cornell
Seth Martin
Ian Nolte

Elise Bischoff
Dave Humphreys
Kyle Christian Quinn [duh]

I'm still waiting for Kyle to drop me his feedback, though I am enjoying this period to languish a bit. We've even talked a little about casting which is just -- well, it's wild, just playing around with something like that. I'm also guessing [no clue, though], that Kyle's probably getting Michael Valentine to look at it too. Anyway, I likely missed someone in that list, and if I did, just tell me, and I'll edit you in.

Also, if you're reading this, and you want to check out the script, and give me some feedback to work with, throw me an e-mail, or just comment on this note, and I'll be really gracious and happy to send you a copy, and listen to any thoughts you have. It helps me a lot, to talk about the script, and will go a long way to renew my enthusiasm to hear thoughts about it. Anyone who reads this knows that I engage with a project better when I'm not working in a vacuum.

I had more to post about, but I think I'm going to cut this short and keep it "business as usual" today. I feel more upbeat than I have in some time. Not saying I'm happy... just saying it's been a little easier to ignore some of the downbeats.


P.S. Jesus, I'm getting link happy.

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