Spray cans used to have marbles instead of ball bearings.

Slept all day. Particularly odd because, well, this is me we're talking about. Went to bed pretty late last night [or pretty early, depending your view of five o'clock in the morning], slept until 11:30, got up, and promptly went to sleep again. Like that all day -- if I wasn't falling asleep, I was feeling like I wanted too. So odd.

Sucks because I was supposed to do character bios today [Re: The Trendsetter]. I can get them tomorrow it, it's no problem, just figured I'd get a few done today. Thought about them at least, and part of me is now less-than-jazzed about doing them. Not that they won't be a blast, they will be, and I usually do them anyway [it's kind of odd I didn't for this project, and just chocked it up to working a little differently], but it just seems like, from the few people I've gotten to read the script, so much of the characters come out on their own in the script. My feelings are that it would be terrible if one of the actors felt stifled by a short description I gave the character, and I wound up hurting the process instead of helping it. Then again, I imagine there are more than a few actors who would look at what I suggested and just willfully ignore it anyway.

Ironic... here's a place I could exert some greater control over the work, and I don't want to do that -- yet already I'm breaking screenplay rules Casey's learning at AFI right and left. No beats, no "we see's"? I don't even like "we see's," but I feel like it should be my choice whether to use them or not.

I'm making more out of this than there is. The bios need done, if nothing else, for casting purposes. And thinking about the characters critically is bound to get me closer to that place I need to be to do the final 30 or so pages.

Few links to throw out tonight:

Ally has a couple of things posted here and here. The latter I find particularly stirring, because it links to a video of one of the many missile strikes in the current Middle East conflict. Not wishing to get too political or start off about my feelings on Israel and the surrounding area, to have video of something like this just on youtube along with Spaghetti Cat and Cranberries music videos? Strange time we live in.

The other post by Ally is about her mom, and all I can do is offer good thoughts and condolences, and hope she forgives us for the occasional lack of patience. It is my way to try and make things feel better by making like things are relatively normal... and sadly, for me, sometimes, normal is antagonistic. Apologies. I only hope some real relief comes your way soon. If anyone more than deserves a break, its you.

Found my friend Ian's blog. Definitely go check that out, though I don't know how updates will be coming once he gets started with AEON. They're a bit like Nazis when it comes to blogging, or at least it seemed that way when I was looking into the process. But Ian's resourceful, and I think he'll find a way to bring us news.

My old "teach" and one of my favorite poets, Bucky Sinister, has a Live Journal which I follow sporadically, and which he once used to monitor me on an independent study about...well, blogging. Really, I don't know if "The Mojo Wire" would exist if not for him giving me a primer in how much internet blog-culture could due to improve. Excellent writer, great poet, just always really good to me, and my hope is that plugging his stuff into the blogspot reader that I'll start being a better disciple.

Found some marbles in the gutter today. Slightly smaller than regular marbles, completely clear. So much glass work in WV, this isn't really an odd occurrence, though there is something surreal in fishing little glass balls out of muddy water.

On an unrelated note, my phone has been acting strange, and rebooting sometimes when I try to send text messages. I am a little worried this is also causing me to miss texts, but I don't know that for sure, for obvious reasons. So, if you send me a text message, and I don't reply, there's a possibility I didn't see it. I'm going to try and get this worked out, but I think I'm more likely to buy news shoes before I buy a new phone.

Still gotta figure that one out. My Airwalks are destroyed, and Chucks just don't hold up in the rain.

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  1. Oh c'mon. You don't have to worry about me. No worries, sir.

  2. Worry is what I do, sir.

  3. AEON's reputation for secrecy precedes it, I'm afraid, as they have not one but TWO sections of their handbook (I'd quote them were they not also secret) devoted to revealing information online. I'm thinking I can get around it with a few dashes, some changed names, and whole lot of generalities. We shall see.