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Today marks the launch of the first "Trendsetter" website, a sister blogspot to the Mojo Wire that can be found at You can go there for all "Trendsetter" news, not to mention updates to the cast, crew, and other future-credit worthy people involved.

Does this mean this blog won't continue to have that information? Not... exactly. The "Trendsetter" site will continue to have information that overlaps with what I post here on the Mojo Wire, and vice-versa. At times [like today] it'll seem downright redundant, but for my own production journal, and for the sake of keeping the records I'd like to have while working on things, I will occasionally mirror the information posted over there. The major difference between the two will be in who's posting -- my director, Kyle Christian Quinn [Re: I just call him Kyle], is large and in charge on the movie site, and much of the information I post second-hand here will first be presented to the world by Kyle himself. I will also be posting on there from time to time, as I am an "official contributor," but as of right now, that blog is Kyle's show.

And while some might notice that the bulk of the content that currently dominates the Mojo Wire is "Trendsetter" related [with a side of the comic "Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name"], it is not my intention to have this blog be about anything more than my process, uninteresting musings on my state of mind, and any and all creative projects I'm involved in. So for 120% Trendsetter news, Kyle's blog is where you'll want to be, whereas the Mojo Wire will continue provided the Randall-centric universe four or five of you have been reading for a couple of months now. Also, since right now I'm so heavily involved in the scripting of the movie, you'll find a lot more information about the ins-and-outs of the script itself here. Which seems a little vague, but if you come around much at all, you understand the "service" I'm providing.

Hope that clears up any confusion. Go check out our movie website.

Now, for some "Trendsetter" news.

As you can see from the new site, we've already got a short list of people "officially" [it is still early] attached, some of whom you've seen me post about here already. For my own records, I'm going to post a list here, not unlike what already appears over there.

Kyle Christian Quinn --Director
Robert Pralgo -- Executive Producer
William "Bill" Schweikert -- Director of Photography
Glen Brogan [oft-linked!]-- Production Designer

Marc Horowitz

I'll also link the Brainwrap site too, but it's in my plans to do up a little entry about them on here, for my friends from College who don't know about things like "Johnny Boy," and also just to talk about how I wound up getting involved with them. But I'll get to that later.

The work I'll be putting in this week is largely Trendsetter-related, as I need to stop procrastinating and finish off those character bios, something I said I'd have finished a week ago. There are also some little things that need done -- like surnames for the characters that already exist, and toying with some names/possibility of names for the characters to come -- particularly Brandon's little sister. It all sounds like very small stuff, but it's a start to bigger things to come.

I'm also hoping feedback will start trickling in. Should help with some of that writer's block.

That will be the next couple of days. A lot more to post upcoming, I'm sure.

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  1. Looks like I may need to get started!

  2. Me too.

  3. can't know who a person is until you know their name. Know the name. Know the person.