Recieved Kyle's feedback.

Kyle got me his feedback on the script [Re: The Trendsetter] on... Thursday night, I'm thinking. About five pages, sent over Facebook... not as much as it sounds. Something to work from though, and he's provided a few possible segues to the new content.

Not a lot else to cover. Already heard back from a few people, starting to think more seriously about what's going to fill the script in to feature length. My big worry is going to crazy with it, actually -- there are a lot of open-ended things I put in the first part, and as tempting as it is to tap every vein, I don't want to bleed it to death when all I really need is about 30 pages.

Its difficult to think about being economical when I need pages. There's certainly no rush.

I think my major worry is that, on some level, I might consider "Trendsetter" finished, and because of that, finding stuff to add in will be more difficult. This could work to my advantage, and help strain the aforementioned stupid and unnecessary shit out while I'm writing. But it could just as easily make adding to it even more difficult. And then there's also the whole issue of my never having plugged anything significant into the middle of a story before. In "Un-Filmable" I added one scene, which took place practically mid-coitus -- I mean, I interrupted sex to get exposition dialogue in. And that was purely addressing necessity. Adding to "Trendsetter" is something different, as I'm not just adding extra info, I'm putting in a subplot that will likely masquerade as the main action in the film.

All of this is probably nothing more than jitters at trying to do something I've never attempted before. I'm hoping, with some time, and more input, it'll come much more easily than I expect it will.

I'm also struggling with a really pervasive want to finish, to have something, even if it's imperfect, in the 90-100 page area. This is ridiculous, as I'm no where near ready to start working on it again, and trying now would be an arduous and hateful waste of time. The inspiration, and the flow, is not yet there. And I need to be a little more patient. It'll come.


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