Not the problem it was supposed to be.

Finally slept , conked out from like 6 am to 4 pm. Still tired today, but it was real sleep, and that means the insomnia wasn't here to stay.

Well, what are you doing still up at 6 am writing in your blog then?

Mind your business, that's what.

The past couple days have actually been more productive than I thought when it comes to "The Trendsetter." While I'm no closer to committing the work to the script on a keyboard, the sporadic notes from my "barely-awake-can't-sleep-feel-like-shit" scribbling have given me a lot to work with that I just wasn't aware I was doing, and I think the final product is going to look a little Kevin Smith/Clerks-esque, which while not odd for my work, hasn't been so brazen in it's execution in the past few years. But in a good way, I think. Outline's done, I've got great background on the characters, and with the exception of the final two fight scenes [not what you're thinking], I've more or less got things laid out in a way I haven't since I wrote "The Familiar" a year+ ago.

Thinking realistically about the timetables, I'm not sure when I'll be able to top the script off though. Tuesday is completely shot -- I'm going to bed after this, will likely sleep late, and I think my grandmother wants to put the Christmas tree up. House is on, and my eBay sales wind up late tomorrow night, so... I'm having trouble believing I'll get anything constructive done tomorrow. But who knows?


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  1. Fine, I will mind my business!

    Thanks for the mention.