All dorm rooms look the same -- a hiatus.

Though I tried, no new pages [Re: The Trendsetter]. Holding at 48.

Will be taking a short break. Justin wants to go out tomorrow. Friday, I have also been told there are plans. Thursday, I have the sneaking suspicion I will have to do laundry.

I am still hoping to have a draft soon. Actually told Kyle it wouldn't take me until Christmas. It seems there is truly no end to my idiocy.

Should be back in a day or so. Hopefully, something will give, and I'll finish up soon.

Christmas is almost here. I apologize to my friends reading this -- there was no miracle this year, and I have screwed the holiday up beyond repair. Sadly, there will be no gifts. I have a feeling that probably disappoints me more than everyone else, but still.

I will try to stay upbeat. Too many hate what is a wonderful holiday. I am a cynic, but not a monster. Or, more appropriately, a "Grinch" or a "Scrooge." Honestly, when I was younger, I never got that -- both of those characters came around in the end.


3 comments :: All dorm rooms look the same -- a hiatus.

  1. Being a Grinch or a Scrooge is a good thing. Both of those characters reform to become loving, giving and sociable people by the end of their stories.

  2. As a child, that's what I always thought, but I guess the archetypes are whats important.

  3. The change is integral to the archetype; otherwise Seuss could have finished his children's book much quicker.