Running Tally.

Five more pages today [Re : The Trendsetter]. Puts the total at 23 pages. Looking forward to writing the next part quite a bit.

Not much else to say. Having the usual doubts about the work already, some more warranted than usual here. Noticing a lot of problems, not sure if it's my fault, or if the idea can only be stretched so far the way I'm using it. Trying not to think about it. Anxious to get finished... the screenplays flaws strike me as glaring right now, but I've chosen to leave them until the end. Get through the work first, then patch the holes. Plus, once I get some more eyes on it, I'll know what holes really need patched.

Emotionally, I'm a mess, not just from this. Nauseated, sad. Zip from that to the writing high. I guess I'm lucky I can still impress myself. Going to try and get a few hours sleep after this.


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  1. Some of those glaring holes won't be apparent to the audience. Hitchcock was always furious over problems in his films that no one else noticed.

    Here's hoping you're the new Hitchock!