Nine more pages [Re: The Trendsetter]. Puts the total at 32. And this isn't a term paper's "32" either. It's nice, fat, and healthy.

There's five scenes left to write, and I will likely go over my intended 40. That said, there's probably a lot that can be taken out. The downside to 50-60 is that it's too long for a short, too short for a feature. I'm sure I'll be able to hash it out -- Kyle hasn't even gotten a shot at it yet.

Rough evening. Think I pissed off a friend. In my defense, I am an absolute mess. Think bottom floor right now for me is that feeling you get in your stomach the first time you watched "Rudy." Still, no excuse for it, I should be nicer, kinder. I will have to think of some way to make it up to her.

John posted this comment on my last blog:

"Some of those glaring holes won't be apparent to the audience. Hitchcock was always furious over problems in his films that no one else noticed.

Here's hoping you're the new Hitchock!"

Jesus God man, no pressure. I thought that was cool to find out though. Had never heard that about Hitchcock before, and I'm not exactly a light weight when it comes to Hitchcock trivia.

I think I might start answering comments to previous blogs here. No one really ever goes back to check comments, I don't think Google alerts anybody or anything, and Glen and John comment too often for me to not want to make them feel special.

Ah, and my eBay items all lapsed again last night. I guess there won't be a Christmas this year. When I stop to think about that, I'm going to feel a lot worse.

I envy my friends who can draw. Writing things for people as a gift just doesn't have style a cool picture does.


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  1. As far as I know, Google will only alert you that people have commented if you turn on the moderation function, meaning you have to O.K. comments directly. I have that on for the Bathroom Monologues, just so I'll know when something shows up in one of the 500+ posts. They give no such courtesy to readers who leave feedback. It's something plenty of people have asked Google to work on...