Calamity Cash Fan Appreciation Week 2: Eric M. Esquivel

EDIT: December 20th, 2018:

This post is ages old, and I don't even know if there's anything marking this all out will do. But here is the long and short of it - Cynthia Naugle recently made a statement about Esquivel: It goes without saying, I believe Cynthia - she is one of the bravest, big-hearted people I know. The honest truth is I knew Esquivel, and considered him an internet friend - my artist on this project didn't know him, has never worked with him, and does not deserve to have his excellent artwork associated with something so disgusting as Esquivel, so I'm pulling down this photograph. I don't want anyone to think I'm attempting to hide past interactions with him - you'll find other mentions and praise for him on this blog, and I loathe the idea anyone might find these in a vacuum and take them as current endorsements of the guy. I didn't know, I had shit radar on this, and others don't deserve to suffer for it.

I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Eric M. Esquivel is pretty much the "Man of Tomorrow" when it comes to comics - he's the name you'll see writing forty books and being called "The New Fraction" or "The New Bendis" and the like, which is fine, but honestly I'll herald him [even if I have to climb up on a silver surfboard to do so] as the First Eric Esquivel. Riding a huge wave of sequential awesomeness that includes The Blackest Terror and Thor: Unkillable Thunder Christ [both working with our fellow collaborator, the mega-talented Ander Sarabia] for Moonstone, and the upcoming Electric Youth for Big Dog Ink. And here's our superstar holding the comic I wrote. 

[Picture Removed]

You can keep up with Eric in a myriad of places, the one I'd most recommend is his blog/tumblr, where talks at great length about the projects he's working on, signings and appearances, and his crush on/worship of Tony Stark, along with his main website,

If you're into social media, you can "Like" his fan page on Facebook too, and follow him @ericMesquivel on Twitter. I suggest doing them all - they're each a different, but uniquely Eric experience.

And thanks for the support, man.

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