"Say My Name" - The Breaking Bad Midnight Show III

Thanks to a power outage in Upstate New York this past weekend, "The Breaking Bad Midnight Show" - the rather fun [if I do say so myself] post-show wrap-up of the best show on television, "Breaking Bad" - was postponed until Monday Night, an accident that turned out to work much better than the usual mad-dash to the Spreecast we have been doing on Sundays [not to mention snagging a few west coast fans]. So this week, for the season finale, join Sarah Crow and I again at Midnight [12:00 AM EST] on Monday [or Tuesday, if you're a stickler] on her Spreecast Channel as we recap just what happened to Walt, Jesse, and the rest before the half-season break.

And as mentioned before, I joined Sarah to talk about this past week's episode, and we had one of our best shows yet. Let me know what you think, and get primed for tonight's show by watching Sarah and I talk about "Say My Name" on Sarah's Spreecast Channel.

Yeah. Our reactions looked a little like that. Plus, we both made the most ridiculous $1.00 dead-pool bet of all time.

Like the show, it's not to be missed. And follow Sarah's other endeavors on www.sarahcrow.com.

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