Calamity Cash Fan Appreciation Week 3: Cara Chiaramonte

The only thing more flattering than seeing the comic with pictures of Marvel's "Runaways" [arguably the most original idea Marvel's had since the original Thunderbolts] in the background? Seeing it in the hands of Cara Chiaramonte.

[See Cara? I told you I'd spell it right. Matter of fact, I kind of think it's the sort of surname with some poetry to it.] 

Cara's an impeccable costume and clothing designer with an ever-growing presence in the Boston theatre scene [and beyond], taking an approach to her work that I'm particularly fond of - an eye towards the past, towards the history of her craft. I've always said to write, your best teachers are people who have already written stories. I think Cara might agree the same is true for design, drawing, and sewing.

Along with all that, Cara's a fellow Bennington alum, and an unfortunate witness to many of my lunch and dinner time rants - all of which she seemed to quite take in stride. Always willing to talk coats [stop judging me, guys] or how ungodly Summertime is, and with some pretty impeccable taste in comics [Brian K Vaughn, anyone?], I got back in touch with her while working on Nova, and have had the great pleasure of keeping her company since.

On a purely personal level, it's my hope I'll get to work with her someday.

You can check out her ever-growing body of work [both costumes and sketches], and get in touch with via her online portfolio at

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