Calamity Cash Fan Appreciation Week: Our Co-Creator

When we started selling "Calamity Cash & The Town with No Name" I thought it'd be kind of cool if I had some of my friends and buyers take pictures with their copies. I won't lie - a little of it was straight-up ego stroking, reading comics has a social component [odd, because so much of the fandom is sort of set around the solitary, outsider aspect - or at least, it once was], and realizing that I probably wouldn't get the pleasure of seeing people read it, which, I don't know. It's one of those things I kind of wanted, and kind of didn't - it's terrifying to sit, waiting, as someone reads something you put a fair amount of your time and effort into, and the chances they won't like it... well, no guts, no glory, right? So, I just asked people, if they were up for it, if they'd snap a picture of themselves with the book.

It worked out considerably better than I expected - a lot of people came out, and each new picture was almost immediately followed by new sales. And as great as that last part was, it was just kind of awesome to see them up on Facebook, myself tagged on the book [Justin's opted out of Facebook recently - or else he'd have joined me there] and my uber-supportive friends smiling, laughing, mugging faces. 

But that's just Facebook, and I have a pretty heavy clampdown on my privacy preferences there, so I thought... why not give my friends the next several days being featured here? It feels a bit like the very least I can do.

I could think of no better picture to start us off than one of the co-creators of Calamity Cash - the naming of our title character, and the one who'd introduce me to the mother/daughter concept which just seems to stand up so well - Laura Calandros. Over the next several days, you're going to see a lot of different pictures of people, a lot of folks excited, posing, being hilarious. And that's amazing! But as far as an example of genuine satisfaction goes, Laura's uniquely placed - because after many years, this is what the realization of a dream looks like.

Thank you, Pixie. For giving me some of the first toys to play in this wonderful, murderous sandbox with.

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"Calamity Cash & The Town with No Name" (25 pages, $3.50, plus shipping): The mother/daughter vigilante team of Tana and Cal Cash are on the run from an Afro-rocking, Kung-Fu assassin, and have been forced to make their last stand in a nameless desert town hiding an unbelievable secret - every last citizen is in the Witness Protection program! Out of gas, low on ammo, and with their backs against the wall, Calamity and Mama Cash become the town's unlikely protectors, but with friends so quickly becoming enemies, and old enemies becoming friends, is the whole place doomed to burn? And will our heroines be the ones to light the first match? A modern-day action/adventure western with words by Randall Nichols, and art by Justin Cornell.

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  1. I'm sure after these pics hit the 'net, your ego wasn't the only thing being stroked. *drum fill*