Teleplays, Fortune Cookies, and Pimpin' for SMAF

Nothing serves to inspire me more than having a long list of things I should be doing instead. Looking back, I am sort of amazed I wasn't prolific in college; then again, if I had been, I probably wouldn't have graduated.

So, despite all the copy work and the new book that came in the mail, or perhaps in spite of them, I got the writer's bug to sit down and turn a long-form rant/"conversation I had with myself in the shower because that's where my bad Russian accent sounds the coolest" into a script for "Seth Martin and Friends." Kyle and Ian [Nolte, not Rogers] had offered me the opportunity to write for the show, and while I don't know if they're likely to use this first script I sent them, it was fun sitting down this weekend and hammering something like that out. I'm notoriously long-winded, so writing something that came in at five pages [and would probably film at about 8 minutes] was a cool thing for me to pull off.

Plus, I think I managed to fit in a running joke/reference more obscure than anything that has ever been on Robot Chicken.

...the jury's still out on whether that's an accomplishment or not.

If they decide to go forward with my script, you can be sure I'll report back here. And as I said, it was kind of neat to do something so short, concise, purely funny-oriented, and I'm going to try and do a few more.

Between being sick and busy, I actually haven't gotten to show off some of the stuff the Brainwrap crew have been doing, and I always feel like it's a shame if I don't get to spread the word to my [very moderate] readership.

So, first up is the new "Seth Martin and Friends" that went live today, "A Bird Catches the Bug." It is, to my knowledge, the first appearance of Arthur, and he's joined by Norman from "Gone Campin'," who naturally finds this whole business just dreadful.

When you're done with that, I suggest checking out "Duet" and "C'est La Vie," two shorts that debuted while I was otherwise occupied. The latter is especially interesting to all two of you who have been reading for awhile, as it stars my Trendsetter collaborator Kyle Christian Quinn. Always good to put a face to a name. I don't have the writing credits or anything else handy for these, so I'm just going to direct you to my previous posts for the usual suspects. And don't forget to subscribe to the official SMAF YouTube channel if you haven't yet.

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