Straight Talk about Calamity Cash

I've been meaning to link this post by Justin for a couple days, probably longer [lost some time while I sick], and show off this new sketch.

"Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name" has certainly become a much longer term project than expected, and as Justin is quick to point out, it's definitely been a learning process for both of us. To give you some idea how long the two of us have been working on this, my first post on the blog contains the tags "Calamity Cash" and "Town with No Name," and at least a small way, once I went public with the Mojo Wire it was to better triangulate between myself, Justin, and our main characters' creator, Laura Phalen. If I feel bad at all that it's taken 2+ years [and that's considering the four or five months it took me to put together the 48 page script, not to mention the extra month I took to rewrite the latter half of it], it's that Laura likely wonders if she'll ever see our shared brainchild come to life like she originally wanted.

But worry not, Laura. You will.

Otherwise, it takes as long as it takes. And even though Justin is mostly looking at this as a practice run, a way to perfect his craft, I still plan on at least getting a handful of print copies for my portfolio and anyone who's interested, or maybe figuring out some other way to distribute it. Naturally there are some monetary concerns there, but I'm not too worried about it yet.

Plus, I actually have some other Calamity Cash stories I'd like to tell. I've just sort of put a moratorium on talking about them/working too seriously on them, until after I find out how my collaborators feel about this project.

Anyway, Justin's post puts a good perspective on a lot of things that can... not wrong, but get in the way while working on comics, and anyone curious about the process should go check it out. It's great stuff, and it's just the sort of thing I asked him to do along the way.

In other news, I got the copy job I was talking about earlier. Next week I'm probably going to be pretty focused on that, so if you don't hear anything from me, or something nonsensical pops up here on the blog... well, just blame it on real work.

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