Quickie update

Justin sent me this over the weekend, thought I'd show it off. Basically a rough preview for page 30. As I was uploading this I realized the book's only ["only"] 45 pages long, so we're coming into the home stretch. This actually got me back to looking at the script, and the itch to make changes hit pretty hard. But there really is a place you have to put your foot down and say "This is finished."

On Justin's end though, I'm really pleased. I love the dynamic way he sets up a page, even when people are just standing around talking [which happens a lot in my work], so now that he's getting to some of the action, I feel like he really gets to show off. It's also a lot of fun for me, getting to see Tana Cash chucking people through windows, one-handing shotguns, and doing her bad-ass, Brock Samson-style shit.

Talked to Kyle, he said he enjoyed my script [re: SMAF], but hadn't heard from any of the other people involved in the project. The whole Brainwrap crew runs things sort of committee style, and there are several new things they have
prepped and ready to go, so it might be a little bit longer before I have any news on that front.

Also finished the first draft of my big freelance project Sunday night. Just waiting to hear back from the client now about whatever changes they'll want, and until then, without a new book to review, I guess my time's my own again.

5 comments :: Quickie update

  1. Reminds me of Aaron Sorkin talking about David Fincher for Social Network. Fincher has some bold eye for visual style, while "I write people talking in rooms."

  2. God I'm flattered by the Sorkin comparison. Even just as memory cue.

  3. "My time's my own again." Dear God, what happened to our lives?

  4. Hah. I don't know, Ian. Honestly, keeping my time my own has always been one of my major goals, so I guess I feel some accomplishment in getting back there.

  5. I like to think we'll get there someday.