Postcard from Burning Man

I got this postcard in the mail yesterday from my friend Hannah.

Set on a background with the disturbing [but no less cool] mantra of "Burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn..." Hannah writes:

Well, well, well Nichols, we meet again. Except not. Because this is a post card and not actually me. I'm afraid I haven't any amazing/hilarious stories to share. Mostly I've been creepin' about and hanging around. [Note from management: Pen color changes here] Literally, at the moment, I'm in the dome netting, 20+ above the ground. [Heart] H.

This actually requires some clarification, as the last time Hannah sent me a note from any sort of festival, it was to tell me she was using a flamethrower topless. Suffice to say, one can see why she wouldn't feel like hanging 20 feet in the air, Spider-Man style, would impress me. It does though, because one, it's awesome, and two, I'm not quite the perpetually unimpressed prick I appear to be.

Here's picture of Hannah [left] at Burning Man, with her friend Melinda [who I don't know, but anyone wearing goggles is A-OK with me], and by the Facebook description, a homemade dildo. Hannah saying she doesn't have any amazing/hilarious stories reminds me a little bit of the Grant Morrison JLA run, where not long after Superman says he "can't live up to his own myth" he moves the goddamn moon.

I absolutely love my friends.

Speaking of which, oft-gushed over [huh... that sounds dirtier than I meant it] super-famous TV show writer Savannah Dooley was recently interviewed by Jezebel. It's a great interview, one of the best Dooley's given so far, and that's really saying something if you ask me. I'm so proud of her I could burst.

And my Modern Mythology super-buddies, fellow scribe Eric M. Esquivel and fellow unfuckable Dave Baker, recently had some of their work show up on cult-hit blog/tumblr "Hot Nerds Reading Comics." Boy, wouldn't it be hotness to work with one of those guys...

Had a short exchange with Kyle today about Trendsetter, something small about casting. Starting to think maybe I should kick it in gear and try and finish that thing. Still missing that one big lynchpin moment in Act 3 though...

Got a new freelance job coming down the pipe this Thursday working with Terry again on another website. And I've been kicking around a really weird comic idea... which I'll probably talk about more, later.


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  1. I still don't think hanging in the dome netting is impressive. It was constructed/engineered by other people for that very purpose. Everyone in the camp combined powers to build the dome, and that's just what happens when you camp with a bunch of barking mad East Coast engineers!

  2. There are two words that kept me from reading you the riot act about how awesome my friend Hannah is: "Dalek Hat."

    Well, well, well. Look who it is.