Randall Nichols: Killer Fan [I was interviewed!]

I was interviewed recently at Horror.About.com thanks to/sort of by my friend Audrey, who some of you may remember as one of my guest blogger earlier this year, during my "Top Horror Films of the Decade" kick. Partly because of those lists [and if you're coming here from my interview, then let me point you towards said lists here], and yes, partly because I volunteered, I was profiled as a "Killer Fan," and answered 13 questions about my love for scary movies.

Check out my interview here.

Cool, huh?

Now while I'm certainly not the most hardcore horror aficionado I know, with several of my friends, like Adam and Ally, putting me to shame when it comes to conventions, collections, and trivia, I think I did a pretty okay job talking about this thing I kind of... sort of... really, really like. So... enjoy. Or at the very least have a nice laugh at me making a bit of a pretentious art school/ex-film-student/probably-always-going-to-be-a-film-student ass out of myself. And a huge thank you to Audrey, for the exposure and the opportunity, as half of the stuff I mentioned, [like TNT's MonsterVision] were things I hadn't thought of in ages, and it was really fun sitting down and going through all that again.

Lot of fun, and a neat little thing to have out there.

6 comments :: Randall Nichols: Killer Fan [I was interviewed!]

  1. Woo!

    Get 'em, man.

  2. Read the whole thing. Awesome stuff man.

  3. Congratulations on the interview!

  4. Thanks guys. I appreciate it.

  5. Hey, you mentioned Zombina and 'Big Trouble.' Automatically proud!

  6. Well, I'm pretty good at this.

    Was most jazzed about name-dropping Calabrese. Those guys do some great horror rock.