New Spreecasts: "American Horror Story: Tricks and Treats" and "The Walking Dead: Walk with Me."

Storming though it may be, don't think hunkered down New York resident and internet journalist Sarah Crow is going to let that keep her from serving up another double dose of horror on her Spreecast Channel, and as the snow falls here, don't think I'd miss out either.

The big news on television this week is that one of the most noteworthy comic book villains of the modern age has finally made it on the small screen, with AMC's "The Walking Dead" finally introducing the The Governor. The third episode in the season "Walk with Me" takes a step back from the prison, Rick Grimes, and his crew of survivors, instead following fan-favorite Michonne and Andrea to the town of Woodbury.

Sarah and I discuss how the Guv's first episode went over, whether David Morrissey manages to blend in seamlessly with the old cast, this episodes drastically difference pacing from the rest of the series, and the return of Michael Rooker as Daryl's one-handed brother Merle.

Though slightly shorter for fear of power outages, the show this week is 100% more concentrated with awesome, and you can watch the archived Spreecast on Sarah's Channel here.

On Sunday night we also covered the second episode of FX's "American Horror Story: Asylum" appropriately titled "Tricks and Treats" for the holiday. Fitting for Halloween, the episode has a woman of ill repute in peril, an exorcism, and either a skinned or skin-wearing slasher.

The latter was the big point of conversation this week's "American Horror Story Late Show" as Sarah and I get rather in to the mystery of the monster of Bloody Face, and even dive into the rather extensive speculation about the nature of this season's signature creature. You can also watch as I literally make an ass of myself every time I open my mouth, insulting wide swaths of folks with single sentences [that Joe Biden didn't call me after to ask how I was doing was a huge surprise].

The show is archived on Sarah's Channel here, and don't forget to join us live this Thursday night at 11 PM EST for a recap of Wednesday's episode so you too can be a part of the show. And as always, you can follow Sarah on Twitter @sarahgcrow, and me @themojowire.

As always, spoilers sweeties. Oh, and weeks since Chris Hardwick hasn't answered my challenge: That'd be two[2]! Come on, Chris. Sarah's the best host. And I'm a worthy and honorable opponent. It'll be fun.

To my friends in the North East - I hope you're all safe, and as dry as possible. New England was one of the few places that ever felt like home to me, and even though my relationship with New York is somewhat complicated, that doesn't mean I love it any less. I hope everyone is doing well, and if anyone wants to share a first-hand account of what they went through during the Hurricane, but don't have a place to present it, email me at and I'd be glad to host it here.

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