The Walking Dead "Sick"/American Horror Story Asylum - 2(!!) New Spreecasts with Sarah Crow

Not one, but two new Spreecast have went up, with yours truly as the guest of the ineffable Sarah Crow.

First up is our coverage of the premiere of FX's American Horror Story: Asylum - either season two of the network's one-of-kind homage to the genre, or a new mini-series under a familiar name. We talk about a wide array of things concerning the episode, from comparisons to American Horror Story's first go-round, whether or not the appearance of Maroon 5's Adam Levine ruins things or not, science as a device in horror, and the familiar trope of people just wanting to have sex getting offed in the most grisly ways possible. 

Or you could just watch as sometime-guest on Sarah's channel Ryan Biracree keeps me laughing so hard in the chat that we almost have to stop the show. 

New episodes of "The American Horror Story Late Show" go live on Spreecast between 10:00 and 11:00 PM EST - join us, and join in. Or catch the show archived here.

This past Monday afternoon we also filmed the second episode of "The Walking Dead" recap show. Sarah and I are still pumped at the show's faster pacing, and more nuanced touch with the characters, so naturally we meet a lot more new people this episode. Come see us talk about the continuation of the Ricktatorship, what an apocalypse could be like for a one legged man, and why we want more Big Tiny [not what you think! Perverts!]. Plus, with Lori still pregnant - babies, babies, babies.

The Walking Dead recap starts every Monday at 1:00 PM EST, and we welcome you to come watch live and contribute. If you miss it - shit happens - Spreecast archives it immediately after, and you can still see the best Walking Dead post-show - period.

That's right, Chris Hardwick. It's been a week since we called you out. Come on, C-Hard. Don't be afraid - we'd love to have you.

As always, Spoilers, sweeties. And a special thanks to to for helping me spread the word.

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