Seth Martin and Friends - "Gone Fishin'"

Less than a week out of the gate, and we have a sequel.

This is "Gone Fishin'," the second episode of "Seth Martin and Friends" from Brainwrap Productions.

In this installment, Trace Cherokee and Seth ditch their entourage for a quiet day fishing out on the lake. Seth's no angler, but under the wise tutelage of Ole Trace, certainly they'll finish out their trip with a fish story or two.

Starring Seth Martin, "Gone Fishin'" runs just under 6 minutes and 30 seconds, and is written and directed by Ian Nolte, and filmed by Kyle Quinn. Michael Valentine returns doing music, voices, and acting as the puppeteer for Trace, with Max Nolte as the sound engineer and boom operator, and Glen Brogan providing the graphics. Featuring Special Guest star Nicole Lawrence. Trace Cherokee puppet made by Kyle Quinn.

To keep up with the most current updates, check out their Facebook page, or subscribe to the "Seth Martin and Friends" YouTube channel, which will have new content, as well as some behind the scenes footage.

I'll be leaving this up for a couple of days to try and get the Brainwrap guys as much attention as possible. I know I haven't had as much to post about myself these days, but my friends have been doing a ton of great work, and I'm glad to be getting the word out for everyone's projects. Meanwhile, I haven't really produced anything of note lately, though I'm hoping that'll change and I can take my blog back soon.

I kid, of course. Enjoy the short!

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