The Uncle Jesse to my Danny Tanner

No, I don't think anything sounds weird about that.

So, for you Twitter people, I guess you could call this taking "Follow Friday" to it's logical conclusion. My friend, former roommate, and fellow writer Ian Rogers, who is currently teaching English in Japan, has a blog which I link to from time to time, but lately it's occurred to me that there was one really big project he put a lot of time and effort into, and I thought was pretty cutting edge, which just has not been getting the attention I think it deserves.

Ian's project, entitled "Corporate Takeover," was a pretty ambitious play on meta-fiction, and made me think a lot about some of the possibilities Christopher Miller, renowned author and one of our professors at Bennington, used to talk about when discussing new technology, the internet, and the implications both could have on fiction in the near future. While the bulk of Ian's blogging is typically autobiographical, without saying much or really announcing his intentions, he quietly slipped into a fictitious account of Google's Blogspot/Blogger community being bought out by a strict and unforgiving company called the Erochikan Corporation. As Erochikan begins to place ever more stringent and arbitrary restrictions on their bloggers, Ian begins to fight back, within their system, but by trying to play by [and circumvent] their rules begins to lose some part of himself in this passive aggressive battle.

Blogger vs his blog.

It's a great read, and I have been recommending it right and left lately, but nothing really gets people's attention like a bunch of nicely ordered links of every entry you need to read Ian's mini-epic.

So, as his very impressed friend, I present to you "Corporate Takeover" by Ian Rogers:

And a Few Parting Words from the Author:


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  1. Wow, I must say I'm flattered, and really glad that you found this worthy enough to post as a series of links. As terrible as I am about getting my own work read by others, I appreciate your taking the time to put this out there.

    Funny, I just always imagined myself as more the Uncle Joey type.

  2. Ian, you deserve it. And even though I don't have that many people to show it to, I want to get this out there, because I think you really hit on a great idea here, and deserve the recognition. I just wish I could do more, buddy.