Congratulations to friends, the Wire's a Hippest Snippet, and Hoes before Prose/Prose before Hoes...

I was MIA all weekend [not a bad thing, to have a social life], so my Twitter page is hellish-looking right now with me scrambling to make up for it. But I just wanted to put a short post up here, most importantly to congratulate on my newly wedded friends David and Carrie Humphreys. It was their wedding that kept me occupied all weekend, and it was just an amazingly lovely time for them, and their friends and family. I only wish I was a good enough writer to adequately describe their happy occasion, but in lieu of that, I'll share an older post where I reflected on how kind of them it was to offer me the chance to be a part of this milestone in their lives.

It was a wonderful time, and I have to thank them again for the opportunity to be involved. And wish them a brilliant future together.

Also cool, my previous post here has had a section quoted on Hippest Snippets, a blog devoted to [and now I'm quoting them] " telling you the best stuff in the Blogosphere. Something witty, something insightful, or something just plain strange will be quoted on here if it makes us think, laugh, or bawl." I'm really honored to have something I've written put out there like this, especially under the absolutely fitting title of "Settling Down with Urinating Morons." I usually work under the assumption that the stuff I write here is done mostly in obscurity, which is fine, since I started this blog as a place for myself, but I can't lie, it's really rad to be noticed, and lately I have gotten attention from some pretty prolific and popular bloggers, and having someone post about my stuff somewhere else, well...

I'm a little like a kid on Christmas about it today. Plus, I really think what Hippest Snippets does is a great idea, and in some way a little more about the-proof-in-the-pudding than Google's somewhat overly simplistic "Blogs of Note." I would suggest subscribing -- there's no telling what new thing you'll find to read.

Speaking of great things to read, oft-mentioned Super Buddy John Wiswell's "Headlights Go Out" has been published at Thaumatrope. I'd suggest going to check it out.

And finally, The Hitch List's Polly Syllabick [who has been lurking in my archives and posting very gracious comments] and Hannah Miet of "My Soul is a Butterfly" got together today and switched blogs in an event I'm calling [and I think they're calling it too] Prose before Hoes/Hoes Before Prose. Go see a preview from Hannah's book "Hello, Absurd World" on The Hitch List, and look at Polly's lovely fiction over on "My Soul is a Butterfly."

Bit of a love-fest today. I swear everybody, it's really me. Taking on another freelance project soon, this one for a local political campaign. As I keep saying, I'm taking the Electric Mayhem stance on this -- "...just play the gig, don't get involved in politics."

2 comments :: Congratulations to friends, the Wire's a Hippest Snippet, and Hoes before Prose/Prose before Hoes...

  1. Thank you for the kind words! We read all of your posts, they're great. Keep writing so we have something to read otherwise we won't exist and our parents will be mad.

  2. I'll do my best. And thank you again, guys.