Remembering Steven Bach: More Links, and other comments.

I'd like to take a moment to share the three or four comments I've gotten about Steven on this page. The way is set up, I find that comments sometimes get overlooked in the presentation, and besides, some people said some nice things about Steven, and I want them here with the other posts on the front page.

No particular order, of course.

"For the last 5+ years I have had a Steven Bach quote taped to my laptop. "If in your 4 years here you do not learn that love is all that matters, that love makes the world go 'round, then we have utterly failed you."

Funny that laptop should stop working completely mere days before Steven did. I know how much he meant to you, and to all of us, and I too wish we could be together for this one.
RIP you crazy old man." -- Samantha Roman, former student.

To my comments on Steven's teaching methods:

"Randall - you hit the nail on the head! Steven was a fabulous story teller. As a child, when the holidays came around, we'd wait patiently by the phone for "Stevie" (as he was known to family) to call. His enigmatic lifestyle as the big hollywood executive, who was far too busy with too many important things to hop a flight to poe-dunk Denver for the holiday, left us with baited breath by the phone to hear the stories of his latest adventures! One Easter in the mid 70's he phoned us and casually mentioned he was celebrating the holiday with his friend Peter.... as he nonchalantly shared his exploits, the color drained out of my grandmother's face, as she realized her son was phoning her from Peter Seller's home! At the tender age of 6 or 7, in the height of the Pink Panther fame, I recognized the name and realized this was a BIG DEAL! Steven was only talking to family, and probably trying to defend his choice of not coming home, not trying to get a huge pedagogical point across.... so I can only imagine what it was like to have him as a mentor and teacher!!" -- Cara Venable, Steven's niece.

From an anonymous visitor:

"I'm the parent of a recent Bennington grad; she was also a devoted student of Steven. I've been quite moved by your comments this week. You were all incredibly lucky to have had such an inspiring and inspired teacher, and I hope you all find some comfort in that inalterable fact." -- Anonymous

And finally, by way of Japan:

"NPR clip of Steven on Fresh Air talking about Leni:

Steven always did have an unmistakable voice." -- Ian Rogers, former student and advisee.

And using Ian's link as a springboard, here's a few more I've found over the past several days. They're from various blogs, few I know much about other than what I could glean from a short visit. It is my plan to check them all out better in happier times.

"Elbow of Justice" -- a blog by a Bennington alum, and former student of Steven's. Some very nice thoughts, and a few comments from others.

"Mr NYC" -- another blog, I assume NY related. A short tribute which I was glad to have taken the time to find.

And finally, his obituary from the Los Angeles Times. Largely a re-write of the Associated Press/NY Times piece, but with a little extra information, and a great a picture of Steven with his mustache.

Updates continue tomorrow at six.

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