Trendsetter work has been slow going, and the other day I realized I still hadn't done the comic book [Re: Calamity Cash and the Town with No Name] re-writes I'd promised Justin I'd do. He's about on page 21, last I talked to him, and I knew there were some things as close as page 23 that I wanted to tweak a little if I could. Hopefully, my mid-morning e-mail will reach him no problem, and we'll be on our way. Short of a lot of little things that'll need my attention at the end [probably], these re-writes were the only part of this project on my end that was still what I'd consider "unfinished." Now it's pretty much up to Justin and his awesomeness, and his work has indeed been awesome, improving exponentially with each subsequent page.

Feeling excitement about this -- effectively, the book is roughly half-way done. Earlier projections were way off on the time, but the project is also quite a bit bigger then it should have been [my fault entirely]. I'm anxious to see it all come together though, just because I don't think I've ever written anything with so much over-the-top action before. Very curious to see if my talky, Kevin Smith-ripoff bullshit can either translate or be set aside to work in the action genre, if for no other reason than that I liked walking around, running scenes through my head, and swinging my fists into the open-air like some half-mad shadow boxer while playing fight scenes through my head.

Not a whole lot time to enjoy this, however. Need to get back to "Trendsetter" work, and I am also pushing 48 straight hours awake, and a little sleep for the sake of my focus and clarity would be a good thing too. Considering a trip into town soon, if only because I have the overwhelming urge to be around people my own age. But not in this condition, certainly.

More later.

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