Notes on "Trendsetter" pages, self-chastising...

On "Trendsetter" work: over the weekend I put a lot of time into the script, and came out on the other side with about ten pages worth of material. In comparison to the progress I've made up until now, that was very encouraging. I'm still not "feeling it," and it's not coming together as naturally as it should, but my enthusiasm is pretty strong, which has made some of the more difficult moments writing more bearable, and at least somewhat productive. The only reason I'm not posting an exact page count is because I'm sort of beyond the point where a page count means anything. The script is currently in pieces, and until I manage to put it all back together again, there's just not much of a way to record my progress.

Hoping for that one thing which will make the work whole. Just taking more time than I'd like.

What can't be helping is how lazy I've been with the blog. Last entry was Tuesday, and there's just no real excuse for that. I have been reading more, but it doesn't take long to sit down and just put something out here, about what I've been doing, and I'm annoyed at myself for letting this go. It may not seem like much to anyone from the outside, but missing a week seems to be the path towards missing a month, and I just don't want to do that. Despite this weekend's work, I know I've been less productive than normal [if that's possible], and I need to stay on myself better.

It's also making me miss things. A friend of Glen's, this girl named Tessa Morrison, came in over the weekend, and I sort of wanted to get out, hang out with her and everyone else again, and just generally be social. But I found out in the middle of the week, and without a blog entry to remind myself, never got in touch with anyone to see if I could have swung a ride to Huntington. Probably was a pipe dream, since everyone is more or less based there now, but if I had remembered before Friday night, I could have at least tried... kicking myself over that.

These things don't happen when I take the time to write them down -- I don't even usually have to refer back, just the initial act is reminder enough.

So, something to be better about.

More soon. Cheers.

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  1. Everything sounds so exciting! You'll have to call me sometime (after 5 cause ugh work) and tell me the details about these adventures! My friends are all movie bigshots :D