Remembering Steven Bach: And yet more links.

The site has been getting a few more hits than usual, which normally I wouldn't care about, but I have to admit to feeling proud that when people go looking for information on Steven, they come here. I want to share these things with people who loved him.

It matters.

Daily searches have found a few more links.

The Guardian has an article up about Steven.
He loved the whole European way of life, so I think he'd have appreciated the mention. has the lesser seen AP article about him up, plus a picture that's a little more current than the mustachioed one that's been shown a lot lately.

Nikki Finke's LA Weekly Blog has a short entry on Steven, with a lot of heartfelt comments.

More importantly than those three links, however, is the new post over at Ian's blog, "A Wave of the Hand." Most of the classes I had with Steven, Ian was right there with me [we actually became friends in Bach's Intro to Film History class], but also shared a special connection by having Steven as his faculty adviser. Ian and I were both drawn to Steven for similar reasons I think [if I can say so without overreaching], as we both had plans to reach high from out of ambiguity, and with Steven as our role model, those dreams seemed somehow more attainable.

I also recommend checking out Ian's blog on a regular basis if you can. He's a talented writer, and is currently playing the role of gaijin in Japan, which he blogs on regularly.

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