Last week's Spreecasts, still this week fresh: "American Horror Story: Asylum" and "The Walking Dead" Recaps.

Between the election last week, and the prep for, and eventual marriage of, our lovely and brilliant host Sarah Crow, I didn't get a chance to post these, but they did still happen despite how absolutely swamped Sarah was.

That's professionalism, folks. Oh, and early warning because of the nature of these particular shows - Spoilers, sweeties.

First up is last week's The Walking Dead Recap show, looking at the episode "Killer Within," where Sarah and I discuss the most heart-wrenching entry of the season yet, and say goodbye to not one, but two [and possibly three!] of Rick's group, and see just how horrible even the best decisions Rick has tried to make go horribly wrong. But along with all the death, there's a birth too, one that has been long awaited. So join us as we talk about child-rearing during the Zombie Apocalypse, how AMC might want to consider a support group for their female leads, and how I might be the only Lori fan in the whole damn universe. Plus, I keep up my campaign to get Chris Hardwick on the show, though this past week, just so I could give him a hug.

And right before I hopped a plan to New York City to prepare for our hosts beautiful nuptials, we also managed to get in a recap/review for last week's American Horror Story: Asylum episode "I am Anne Frank" - part 1 of the first two parter this season. Introducing probably the only science/horror trope so far missing from the series, we get Nazis in Briarcliff now, along with the amazingly talented Franka Potente, by far one of my favorite actresses, for just... so many reasons.We also talk about Zachary Quinto's character finally going a little creepy on us, flail wildly as we try to figure out just what the hell is the single thread that ties aliens, Nazis, demons, and this insanity together, plus Sarah giggles like a school girl when I say "boners." All not to be missed.

So make sure you check out both archived shows on Sarah's channel, send her congratulations for being Mrs. Crow Biracree now, and as always, you can follow Sarah on Twitter @sarahgcrow, while I'm hanging out there @themojowire.

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